What does great leadership look like?  How do I integrate my technical legal skills with being an empowering leader? Raising and deepening awareness of behaviours, the impact of those behaviours on others and gaining perspective can greatly enhance performance within individuals and teams.  In the leadership development work I do with individuals the emphasis is always on the practical and the achievable.  I work carefully and methodically with clients to scope the outcomes they seek, as well as the challenges they may face.  I bring together the experience I have of leading teams and the insights I have gathered in working with a broad range of people and organisations to provide clear action plans.

Leadership Development Programmes both enhance and complement the natural legal skillset of lawyers at all levels.  Some of the ways in which these tailored programmes can be beneficial are:

  • Promoting connection and collaboration between team members
  • Instilling psychological safety within teams & groups of lawyers
  • Deepening awareness of leadership skills and organisational behaviours
  • Developing broad leadership skills to include agility, adaptation, emotional intelligence and change-management
  • Providing a safe & confidential forum for open discussion and communication around diversity, inclusion and the future-focus of lawyers & law firms
  • Bringing together cross-disciplinary groups with a focus on alignment and networking


I would like to thank you, Katie, for your incredible generosity and help to me to date.  I found our sessions to be revealing, enlightening and empowering, and often in the most varying and surprising ways.  You taught me the power of listening and you both encouraged and challenged me.  This was a foundation which has stuck, and was the value piece.

In House Lawyer Dublin

Katie is an excellent coach. Her friendly and open approach to each session makes the experience a positive and supportive one. Katie is extremely professional, a great listener and her experience as a Lawyer and Managing Partner and her knowledge of the legal profession adds a unique depth and insight to her coaching.

Senior Counsel Dublin

Thanks a million, Katie, for the coaching.  You were such a great help to me.  I found our meetings to be beneficial – they challenged me to look at my thinking from different perspectives and to see the gaps that I hadn’t previously spotted!  It’s been a great investment for my money.  Thank-you for the thoughtful and professional way that you handled our sessions together.

John, Partner International Law Firm

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